Brighton makes up for the absence of its fans with paper figures at home


Brighton England fans will be able to “support” their team, even if they are banned from entering the stadiums to watch the Premier League football matches, by paying for representative figures made of cardboard to be placed in the stadiums of the “AMEX” stadium.

The Premier League will resume activities on June 17, after more than 3 months of stoppage due to the emerging Corona virus.

Brighton will play its first match against its host Arsenal on the 20th of this year, to be held, like other games, behind closed doors closed to the public.

Brighton resorted to a method used by some German Bundesliga teams, which filled their stadiums with “fans of paper”, to compensate for the absence of the public after the Bundesliga resumed on May 16.

The club said in a statement: “We ask the fans to wear the blue and white uniform (belonging to the team) during the match days, and to send their photos to be part of the remaining five games of the season that will be held at AMEX.”

The club offers seasonal ticket holders and subscribers the opportunity to purchase solids for 20 pounds ($ 25), with part of the profits donated to charity.

Brighton is 15th with 29 points, two points from the 18th Bournemouth, the first to lead to first-class relegation, with nine stages remaining this season.

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