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The Culture and Arts Authority in Dubai organized a campaign to support and encourage “culinary art” as one of the arts that stimulates innovation, creativity and leadership, in addition to encouraging creators to provide creative products in their respective fields.
The “Culinary Arts” campaign comes as part of the “Dubai Culture” national digital campaign “Let’s Create Together” that it launched on social media platforms in late March.
Through the “culinary art” campaign, the authority sought to highlight the different culinary arts from the various cultures that live on Dubai land, and introduce members of society to cooking methods that differ from one country to another and from one culture to another, in a scene that reflects the mixing and coexistence between those cultures.
The commission also aimed to deliver a message that cooking is an art, and that every chef carries within it a creative man who shows his artistic touches in the way of cooking and the skill in choosing food ingredients and the way food is presented and served.
A number of well-known chefs at the emirate level participated in the campaign, providing live cooking sessions on Instagram using the “# Let’s Create Together” tag. During the sessions, many international dishes were prepared with an Emirati touch.
Dubai Culture seeks, through the “Let’s Create Together” campaign, to inspire creative local talents from various nationalities and cultures to provide products from the many different colors of creativity that contribute to enhancing the audience’s interaction with cultural and creative activities by encouraging creative talents to display their products from home in front of a wide segment of Members of the Society.

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