Satellites detect a surprise about the history of the spread of the Corona virus in China … pictures


The British Harvard University has published research indicating that the new Corona virus, which has become a pandemic threatening humanity, was detected before the fall of 2019 in China.

According to the research paper published on the Harvard University website, The researchers spotted Data in search engines and in satellite imagery analysis of the movements that occurred in Chinese hospitals in Wuhan.
And all these recent data indicated that the new Corona virus spread before the fall of 2019.

All research had indicated that the source of the Corona virus is the animal market Located in Wuhan, Which has been circulating since December 2019.

According to the university paper, recent evidence indicates that the virus may have already circulated in advance of the outbreak.

The university has used satellite images and parking lots in the area and in front of hospitals.

The terminology used to refer to the virus or pandemic was also searched in the area where the first outbreak occurred, and which was used by users, citizens and doctors in hospitals.

The researchers observed an upward trend in hospital traffic and search volume from late summer to early fall 2019.

The researchers noted that inquiries about the symptoms of the respiratory system “cough” That shows fluctuations Seasonality coincides with the annual flu seasons appeared early, and that the symptoms of “diarrhea” is the most specific symptom of “Covid 19” disease also appeared.

The research paper indicated that all of these indicators, which are symptoms of the emerging corona virus, appeared in the period leading up to December of 2019.

The researchers noted that this The results highlight The importance of research in digital data and its ability to monitor the causes of epidemics and determine the location of emerging diseases.

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