Sharjah Chamber introduces entrepreneurs to the steps of risk management


Sharjah 24:
The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a “remote” workshop, entitled “Risk Management in the Shadow of Crises”, with the participation of members of the Chamber’s 101 Trade Center, along with more than 170 participants who are business leaders and are interested in establishing their own commercial projects from inside and outside the country .The workshop, which was held in cooperation with the National Program for Small and Medium Enterprises and Enterprises and the Dubai Academy for Entrepreneurship, covered 7 steps that entrepreneurs must follow to face the urgent economic repercussions, represented in that the entrepreneur is responsible for managing his money and the importance of supervising the work team in reading risks and linking goals Individual performance with the strategic objectives of the company, setting operational strategic plans and continuous analysis of the companies’ operations, in addition to evaluating the quality procedures and implementing an internal control system that is double the normal days.

The workshop also dealt with several axes focused on familiarizing participants with financial risks and their types, methods of analysis, steps for managing and evaluating risks and tools to reduce them, in addition to how to manage and face financial crises, and what are the ways companies must follow to reduce their spending in economic crises.

His Excellency Mohamed Ahmed Amin Al-Awadi, Director General of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, valued the effective cooperation between the Sharjah Chamber and the National Program for Small and Medium Enterprises and Enterprises, and the Dubai Academy for Entrepreneurship in implementing a number of specialized courses and workshops, targeting entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to develop their skills in management, marketing and project selection. Crisis management and feasibility studies and follow mechanisms of creativity and innovation in the implementation of projects and other factors affecting.

The Director General of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry affirmed the chamber’s keenness to support and support business leaders, by adopting and sponsoring innovative and renewable programs that enhance the entrepreneurial sector and meet the aspirations of young people who are passionate about managing projects bearing a regional and international brand and stand by them and work to overcome the challenges facing them through Arming them with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure the continuity of their projects.

For her part, Mona Omran Ali, Director of the Center for Small and Medium Enterprises in the Sharjah Chamber, stressed the importance of the workshop and its role in guiding business leaders towards the correct and scientific mechanisms, noting that the Sharjah Chamber represented by Trade Center 101 is keen on continuing to provide courses and workshops directed to entrepreneurs and diversify them in proportion to With the changes taking place in the economic arena today, in cooperation with the strategic partners of the Chamber.

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