The numbers provided by the government to the IMF do not constitute a valid base for financial rescue – Al-Manar TV website – Lebanon


The Board of Directors of the Association of Banks in Lebanon held an extraordinary meeting this afternoon. In consequence, he issued a statement in which he announced that “the association is keeping pace with, like all Lebanese, the ongoing discussions between the Lebanese authorities and the International Monetary Fund, in the hope that these talks will result in a common rescue and development vision, and the achievement of long-awaited reforms, and a number of practical and feasible measures to bring out Lebanon is out of its current financial and economic crisis at the earliest time and with the least possible damage. ”The statement pointed out that “the association was keen to make to the government a constructive contribution prepared with the help of local and international consultants, and ultimately aims to never prejudice the deposits of people and to preserve the foundations of financial stability, stimulate the economic situation, stimulate growth and create job opportunities for the Lebanese,” noting that “The Association is surprised at the government’s insistence on excluding the banking sector from financial talks that are supposed to lead to decisions with certain and profound implications for Lebanon’s economic future, despite the vital role that banks play in shaping this future.”

He believed that “the figures provided by the government to the International Monetary Fund, which for weeks have been the subject of open discussion and substantive correction in the honorable parliament, do not constitute from our perspective a valid basis for financial rescue.”

The Association of Banks renewed the call to expand and deepen the dialogue about the governmental plan that the Lebanese citizens and economy are afraid of falling victim to, its dangerous contents and contents, with its random deduction from people’s savings and the imposition of taxes and fees under its national economy, and from reprehensible violations of all systems and laws. It has been prevailing in Lebanon for decades, and finally, from a serious threat to Lebanon’s economic future without a mandate from the Lebanese people and their representatives. Lebanon is not built exclusively, but rather with openness and advice. It is not in the public interest for decision-makers to neglect the contribution of the Association of Banks and Economic Authorities, with their experience and national commitment in formulating effective solutions to push the country to safety.

Source: National Information Agency

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